Monday, June 11, 2007

Composing Figures Within a Landscape

I don't seek out potential pictorial compositions in real life, but I try to stay alert for unexpected situations that look interesting.

The most intriguing situations usually suggest compositions that may or may not be applicable to the kinds of work that I do. The task of adapting them to the kinds of subject matter I prefer to depict is often quite challenging.

The photo below depicts a scene from a polo match in Bethpage State Park, Farmingdale, New York. Clearly, my work primarily depicts human adult females, but I find it engaging to examine the arrangements of different views of human bipeds and equine quadrupeds when I'm at a polo match. On another blog, I'd posted another photo that I find intriguing; however, it is much more difficult to contend with, as it depicts a group of canine quadrupeds.

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