Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Portraits 10

This work was taken in connection with the Indoors series, but it's really in a series of its own.

Portraits 9

This work is a part of the ongoing Landscape series.

Portraits 8

These were produced in connection with several series.

Both of the above were taken in connection with the In the Studio series.

This was taken in connection with the Indoors series.

This taken in Stockholm, Sweden, in connection with the Provisional Interiors series.

Portraits 7

These all are a part of the ongoing In the Studio series.

These were taken in Brooklyn, Westchester, and Manhattan.

Portraits 6

These are also a part of the Indoors series.

Portraits 5

These are a part of the Provisional Interiors series.

All of the above were taken in Orlando, Florida.

This is a part of the Souvenir series, which could be considered a subset of the Provisional Interiors series.

Portraits 4

These works are connected to but not directly a part of any specific series.

The above work was taken in Manhasset during a photography session for the 4s series.  Take note of the snow that had fallen late in the season, during the month of March.

This was taken on a cold January day in Upper Manhattan during the photography session for the Hamilton/Jefferson series..

This was taken on a mild December day in Central Park.  It somehow came out looking like a portrait of a folk musician of the 1960's.

This was taken on an agreeable August day in Long Island City.

This was taken for both my portfolio and the model's portfolio on a pleasant November day in Central Park.

Portraits 3

These were taken as a part of the Hamilton/Jefferson series.

Portraits 2

These were taken as a part of the Indoors series.

The models are reclining on art auction catalogues and other publications.

Portraits 1

These two were taken as a part of the 4s series, a portrait and mapping project in Nassau County, New York.

The top photograph was taken in Oyster Bay.  The other was taken in Port Washington.

Both have been on view in a group exhibition in Brussels, Belgium.

Back On the Blog!

It's 23h11m on 12/31 of 2013, and I guess I've come to the 911 of my Studio Notebook blog.

It's been a while...

Apologies to all of those who have come by for an update and found the same, albeit remarkable, photograph of Helen Mirren at the top of the page.

I returned here to see about starting a new blog with portraits.  From time to time, I've thought about posting more images than can be accommodated by one of my online portfolio pages.

I'm don't consider myself to be a portraitist, but my work tends to center on the female figure.

Instead of starting a separate blog and maintaining multiple blogs, I'll be posting portraits on Studio Notebook.

Meanwhile, happy new year.